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Monday, October 5, 2009

Majolica Majorca Disappointment

I recently purchased a Majolica Majorca Liquid Eyeliner in BK999 to substitute my drying Fasio Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I always, always use black liquid eyeliner in every single look and I must say that it is very crucial for me to have a good black liquid eyeliner. I've only used Fasio all this while and after serious consideration between Anna Sui and Majolica Majorca, I went with the latter (what a cheapo!)
Original price: RM45.90
After Raya Discount: RM 39.90
Although disappointing is a really big word but as a fan of black liquid eyeliner and as a fan of Majolica Majorca, disappointing is an UNDERSTATEMENT!
Although this one came with a sharp tip and cheap price, the watery consistency of the eyeliner was a HUGE disappointment for me.

I mean, if you made a pen, you might wanna make sure that ink itself can write before you think about the rubber grip and covenient capping system. Well, this eyeliner had the consistency of tea and I was very devasted to have bought it.

See this picture? I only made one line with my old, drying, Fasio and it beat 14(not even as close) lines from Majolica! Plus, Fasio was cheaper!!!

Even the darkest line from Majolica(middle left of the pic), I drew after shaking the eyeliner for a good 5 minutes.

The only way is to line, blow dry, and line again. Repeat until satisfied. What a waste of time.

Despite the control it gives me over the shape of the line drawn, I am truly disappointed in the eyeliner. I should have went with Anna Sui but I have to stick with this one for now.

If you're gonna get this, I advise you now not to do it.


3 people say ❤...:

amynaree said...

great review, I was curious about the MM eyeliners myself! ^__*

Angela said...

thanks for the review
ive never tried mm eyeliners but were looking at these
now i think i'll check out some other brands

nia said...

i am with you on the watery side.

and the click to dispense the product is not that good either, i always end up with too much product.