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Thursday, October 1, 2009

More yummy Mooncakes

This one's from Great Eastern. It came in a very Chinese-style 'bian dang' or 'bento' in Jap.

So the thing had 3 layers:

The 3rd layer had a Chinese tea cup.

First mooncake I tried:
Jade Custard

It has custard in the middle. OMG, this one tastes so good!

I finished almost the whole cake. Lol. Need to sign up for the gym now.
This one's real good! The only one that left an impression on me. Most cakes taste very mooncake-like so I don't recall anything about them.

Another box:

First one was the typical Pure Lotus Paste Moon Cake.

It tasted really sweet, definitely something to start with if you're still vary about moon cakes.

The second one:

Weirdly, I don't remember eating this one although I obviously did. I guess if I remembered the taste, it's either be really good or really crap so this one's average.

All for now but more to come.


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Kasia_B said...

Looks yummy! I wish I could try them. :)