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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pink Swoon vs Iris

So in my previous post, I mentioned how Pink Swoon is so far the best blush I ever had, today, I've reviewed and swatched both Iris by Stage and Pink Swoon by MAC which are 2 of the closest candy pink blushes I have.
I've always wanted that candy pink blush that would look very vibrant but still natural to suit my yellow skin tone. I bought Iris a year ago and I haven't really been using it cuz it doesn't have that fresh candy pink look on my cheeks. It looked more red and I just noticed how it has a purple undertone if you look really close.
As for Pink Swoon, it's just perfect!! I really didn't think I'd find that vibrant candy blush that I dreamt of. Thanks to Tiff, I bought it about a month ago and I'm just lovin' it.
From the swatch below, I'm sure you can tell that Iris has a really chalky texture whereas Pink Swoon is just powdery. But once both are buffed on the cheeks, it doesn't feel so powdery/chalky.

You decide!


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