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Friday, October 2, 2009

Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box

Being at Xukeia's for a weekend meant that I got to (secretly) swatch some of her stuff. This is the Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box.

Most of the shadows, actually all of'em have at least a little, or a lot of glitter. Swatching the palette made my fingers all glittery and my arm too. When I dust off the glitter with a tissue, I can even see the tiny glitter flecks falling off my arm. It's just so glittery!

Obviously, Xukeia's things don't seem to stay in good conditions as her mirror is all cracked up and shattered into many different pieces and the applicators have long vanished from this once-beautiful palette.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful palette with different, versatile colours which are just fabulously unique!

**The second colour on the top row is Midnight Cowboy RIDES Again not rises.

Click! to purchase this palette at their website:

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and thanks for reading!


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