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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wan Leen's Birthday Dinner

*Pictures of this event took place on Sept. 12. It was Wan Leen's birthday dinner at a cozy Coffee House in Evergreen Laurel Hotel. I knew Wan Leen from school, we were class mates before she transfered to Dalat. The sudden reconnection is through daddy's best friend, who just so happens to be her dad, Dato' Siow. So that led to the invitation to her dinner party.
Wan Leen & me
The best funny faces we could make.

Wan Leen & my sis

sis & Xiao Leen (Wan Leen's sis). They have uniquely curly hair which I heard will exinct in future.

Wan Leen, me & sis (I was wearing Impassioned but it wore off after dinner X-) )
**EDIT: Looking back at this picture, me and my sis kinda look like vampires. Lol.

me, Jaime & sis

Round the table.


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Hey pretty! awww you girls are gorgeous!! and thanks for stopping by my blog <3