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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cheddar Cheese Loaf turned Cream Cheese

That's exactly what I mean. The recipe shows Cheddar Cheese Loaf but somehow I buy Cream cheese (I'm a cheese dummie, they all sound the same to me =X) and thus, I present to you, Cream Cheese Loaf! My very first creation! Lol.

It's not bad even though I used milk that tasted a little sour(haha) but it turned out alright, I really like the golden crusts and the soft, moist yellow inside, hungry again....

PS: Click to enlarge whichever photo.

But try it out if you can.

3 people say ❤...:

Kasia_B said...

looks yummy!! ^^

xSplendidStar said...

Woah that loaf looks super yummy!!! You know I was just checking out your cupcake recipe again and made a cake! LOL I couldn't do cupcakes coz 1. I didn't have the tray thing and 2. none of those cupcake paper holders O_O so err I just put all of the contents into a normal baking tray and it turned out pretty good! Though I only had almond flavouring, I think vanilla one is much better XD But yours look so good! You really motivate me to bake more :D I really love these food posts of yours <3

Hope you're okii and that 'random' person really doesn't deserve your attention. I used to get similar comments like that in real life. I was just walking home and this girl came out of the telephone box and said to me 'You're ugly', I did wonder at first but I just let it go. From the beginning of my childhood it was always like that >_< but things have improved since then. So do think about the nice things surrounding you :)


*aly said...

Kasia: You should try it! It's really good!

xSplendidStar: Thank you! I'm glad I motivated you cuz I love baking myself, I just never have the time.. Yea, bout that, I think I'm over it. Haha at your experience, that girl was probably just pranking you? Thank you girl! I will think about nicer things from now. No more negativity. C=