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Sunday, November 15, 2009

MAC Exclusives Mineralize Kits Swatches + Mini Haul

So I heard from Jenn that the mineralize kits weren't gonna be in Penang(*gasp) so in KL I went STRAIGHT to MAC(*sarcasm) and I found them there. They're in-stores only which means that if the store is like independent then they carry the kits. The MAC in Gurney is under Parkson(like a departmental store with many floors selling everything) so no mineralize kits. Anyways, I also found Style Black there(!!!) but by then I was more interested in the DSquared2 cuz I wanted Lip Erase but that collection was so long ago.

There are 2 kits: Pinkzapoppin & Fun in the Sun Mineralize Kits. RM300!! (US $59.50)


Pinkzapoppin! M.Kit-
-Love Connection(M.e/s): Both very shimmery colours, one in baby pink(so pretty!) and a brown near orangey.
-Dainty(M.Blush): All I can say is PINK. It's a very typical mid-tone pink which I think everyone has seen enough of.
-Light Flush(MSF): It's peach, pink and a hint of gold, this colour is just so pretty cuz it gives a subtle glow.
-181SE(Kabuki Brush): It's B-graded(#182 which is the full size Kabuki is an A-grade so the bristles are a lot softer) so this one is kinda rough to the touch. Eeks! And I thought I was gonna get the kits just for the Kabuki, you'll see that I just bought it full-size instead!

Fun in the Sun M.Kit-
-Play on Plums(M.e/s): It's peach and a plum e/s. This one is gorgeous. All lightly shimmered.
-Nuance(M.Blush): It's peach!
-Shimpagne(MSF): Light goldish white? Good for highlighting I guess but all over the face would look ghastly for darker skin tones. Very shimmery.
-181SE(Kabuki brush): Refer to the above.

Some Liquidlast Liners someone swatched:
I might not have gotten all the colours correct and some I couldn't find on the website so this'll have to do but I'll definitely go back someday for better swatches. Never considered these liners till today. Aqualine is really bright teal, def for those who want to attract.

What I bought in the end:

1. #182 Kabuki RM160 (approx US $32)
Totally in love with it, it's really soft and I've been wanting one since forever. Remind me to do a full brush review. Lots to cover.

2. Mineralize Blush in Superdupernatural RM95 (US $19)
After I decided against getting the mineralize kits (but I really wanted to but the combination of colours wasn't in my preference and I was DYING for Light Flush!!!!) I needed some blush to compensate for Light Flush which would've been perfect as blush so I got Superdupernatural. It's been raved by EVERYONE and I just couldn't resist any longer.


It's a corally peach which looks really natural on fair to medium skin tones. This one is really pigmented. Can't wait to try it!

All for now. I still have some camwhore pics to post so thanks for reading once again!


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