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Sunday, November 1, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! haul

When you see this bag, you should be warn that a huge haul follows with lots of pictures, swatches and short reviews. Lots of money spent and lots of things you never knew you'd never know you'd want! This time, I spent over RMXXX at MAC and altogether RMXXXX!!!!!

Starting from I Nuovi:

I Nuovi Cleansing Oil RM70

My 2nd bottle now. This beats Shu Uemura!

The rest of my I Nuovi haul was at RM13(!!) each as I Nuovi was having an anniversary promotion. I think it's still on in Parkson, do check it out! Spend RM50 and above on one item and get as many eyeliners, e/s and glitteratti is priced at RM13!!! Only on specified products.

I Nuovi Eyecake Compact Cake Liner in Hematite (who would've thought this was a liner?? It's perfect as an e/s so imagine it as a liner!!!)

I Nuovi Glitteratti in Blonde Fever (original price at RM43)

Hematite: A matte black shadow with fine gold flecks, very subtle and very pretty!! Like all I Nuovi e/s, this one goes on really smooth, really pigmented.

Blonde Fever: Gold glitter, I was dying to get this from Connie's tutorial on Las Vegas and I finally did, at RM13!!!!

I Nuovi Perfector Full Coverage Concealer

It's full coverage. Very good!!! cuz it glides on like a feather, very natural, quite easy to blend, perfect(full) coverage with no caking whatsoever. Thank you I Nuovi!!

YSL Golden Gloss in 24 (price unknown cuz my dearest sis bought a YSL Christmas perfume set, yup they have that and for RM475 you get a 250ml eau de parfum with a blush palette and gloss)

It's not as sheer as it looks but the nudeness of this shade is almost similar to NC30 skin tone, like a camoflage somewhat. It has pretty fine gold flecks and shimmers..

Chanel Quadra e/s in 15 Bird Paradise RM180(!!) from the new Chanel Christmas Collection

I can't rationalize buying this because 2xRM90=RM180 which means I could get 2 CS 88 Color Palettes but one of this.. But it's Chanel!!!! Lol. I love it to bits anyways.

This palette features 4 beautiful shimmered colours. It may be a little sheer used dry but with a wet brush, these colours scream GORGEOUS!! I used the beautiful teal-turquoise in my Lost Mermaid Look(previous post).

And last but most definitely not least, my MAC haul!!!!
Here is everything still boxed.

MAC Lash #33 RM45
Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait RM80
Dazzleglass in Phiff! RM80

Top: Boy Bait
Bottom: Phiff!

Boy Bait: Nude Peach slightly pink with no flecks or shimmers. Arr! in LOVE! But cremesheen Glasses are quite sheer, actually very sheer.

Phiff!: Transparent gloss with lots of fine gold flecks and shimmers. Pretty!! This one was love at first sight, I had to get it the moment I saw it.

Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit RM180
Lovin' the packaging..

It looks really good but...

O.O The sliding tray made it even better!!! And so I knew I had to get it!!
From L to R:
Pretty Baby: Really sheer pink Beauty Powder to give that matte natural finish.
Sunsparked: Sheer beige-y gold Beauty Powder.
Peachykeen: Peach Sheertone Shimmer Blush. Just nice for that natural glow to the cheeks.

Naughty Noir Eye Bag RM150 (did someone say eyebags??)
This set includes:
Pigments in Shimmer-Time
Fluidline in Blacktrack
Zoomlash Mascara

Shimmer-Time: A pale, pastel pink. My first bottle of pigments!! It goes on really smooth with my I Nuovi Fixit.

My first Fluidline. And the brush along with it.
But *gasps!!! where's the Zoomlash?!?! Well, I gave it to my big sis. She needs it more than I do, after all I have always been a falsies girl. No mascara for me..

Wave of A Wand Sweep and Define Brushes RM250

Arr!! I LOVE brush sets (as individually buying the brushes would make me broke) but I now have doubles of the same brushes.. Oh well..
This set includes:
#129SE Basic powder brush, versatile for loose powder or blush
#190SE Foundation brush, best with liquid foundation (love this one but I Nuovi has a fluffier, bigger one)
#227SE Highlighting brush?? I bought this set mainly for this one, it makes highlighting a breeze
#275SE Angled brush, great for contouring small areas like the nose
#212SE Flat eyeliner brush says Tammy but I find it really hard to use this one, it's too flat for my eyes
and of course, the nice little pouch, but for these tiny brushes it is quite spacious, not sure if my Bobbi Brown's could fit though..

A family photo:

However the proud mummy whom these babies belong to is not in the picture.

End of my hauls, it's back to studies for me but I'm still thinking of doing
a) Everything MAC review
b) Top 10 Never-to-Buy-Again List
c) Korean-celeb-inspired look

As for c), I'm having trouble finding anything interesting to do.. Any suggestions? Love to hear them.


11 people say ❤...:

xSplendidStar said...

Ohhhh ~~ Never heard of the brand I Nouvi but I'm interested in the oil cleanser, you make it sound good. I would never buy the Shu Uemura one...far too expensive for me T_T

Btw is MR, Malaysia Ringgits?


xSplendidStar said...

Oh and btw I left you some awards on my blog so check them out! <3

purple snowflake said...

i swear... u have a great haul there. and I want the cremesheen lippie and the face colour kit ><

i'm so going to get it when it's out in Australia.. =D

Zoe said...

Wow..this is such a great haul, the colors u chose are really pretty colors, I have also never heard of Nuovi products but love the eyeshadows u got^^

lilluna5416 said...

amazing haul!!! love ur new MAC stuff

*aly said...

@Purple Snowflake: Thank you and I hope you do end up getting everything you want, the lippies are great as well.

@Zoe: Thank you *blushes. I Nuovi is malaysian and widely available in Asia i think.. maybe in sasa too.

@lilluna5416: thank you. I love'em too!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

wow! great haul! :D

Slowbrogal said...

I can see that you really spend a lot. I love this MAC Holiday Collection!!

Marce said...

What an *amazing* haul! I'm so jealous, LOL! Thanks for posting swatches, too. I really like the look of Boy Bait and the YSL gloss. Oh, and the Chanel quad looks stunning <3

*aly said...

@Connie: *blushes Thanks!!

@Slowbrogal: I shocked myself this time. But I'm really loving MAC.

@Marce: I can't wait to do a look on the Chanel one as well.

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