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Monday, December 14, 2009


I promised to post up a video today but I didn't. Reason's cuz I did the whole video but then thing's kept going wrong and when I finally editted everything, I just chickened out. My excuses include: bad skin, bad lighting, unclear sounds, bad focusing etc. So here's a bunch of photos from my shoot for a new background in KL just to entertain you while I try to pep talk myself. =3

MAC MSF Natural is the best thing to wear alone or on top of something else. Perfect with a #187 brush.

And this is another model from Popteen which I'm just in love with. She's very edgy and different from the rest.


5 people say ❤...:

Sherry said...

so pretty, make video is not easy. :( I make with pictures also taking more than an hour

Zoe said...

Lovely pictures^^..

Thanks Aly for ur nice comment*

Kasia_B said...

That really looks like a baby swimming pool :D

I believe you it's not easy to make a video. It'd be great to see yours though.

Jaime Dollaga said...

haha i opened ur post bc i thought u would be actually talking about chicken. i'm such a dork haha. u can post a video, don't be scared! i still can't even figure out how to keep the sound in sync on mine, so i look like a total fool. looking cute as always girl!

*~kAy~* said...

aww.. at least you're braver than me to actually do a video! :)
Love looking at the pictures though :)
very nice bold lips! :)