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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 1 in KL: MAC!!!

I didn't sleep the night before cuz for the first time (not really), I took a morning flight and I generally have a hard time waking up in the morning so I stayed up and did some makeup.

I used my Holiday pigments but I wasn't happy with how I did it cuz I didn't have an eye base so I had a lot of fallout, but anyways, I'm really in love with the Honey Wing series this is their blue lenses and it's fantastic. Even with my dark brown eyes, these lenses just makes them blue. True blue. Love them too death.

I'm not gonna post up what I used cuz I'm lazy (sorry!) and it's 5 in the morning so I really gotta sleep soon but if you have any questions, you know what to do.

I used Nude Delight, a lipstick by Rimmel with some MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick and some Boy Bait Cremesheen (MAC) over it.

So I'm in KL again and you know what that means, lots of mosquitoes, lots of green and lots of shopping trips. And below is some of the greeness. Lol.

And here's a bag tag I got from Room. It costed me RM9.90 (approx USD 2) and it's super cute they have all kinds of colours with different words on them like, "Hands Off!" and "Not Yours!".

And along with that, I paid yet ANOTHER visit to MAC and this time I had to get a brush roll, cuz how else are my babies gonna go to London with me??! Haha, anyways, the brush roll was RM 185(!!! approx. USD 37) and I also got the 224 brush which is just a fluffy crease brush for RM 125 (approx. USD 25)

this brush is from BERNY =) THANKS SO VERYVERY MUCH DAH-LING! I did not type that but hey, thanks to bernie!! I got this brush for my birthday (which is coming up real soon) and I'm super happy bout that, you'll see my next look which was made happen by this brush. I love it a lot and I think if you're having trouble blending or things are just not working out then this brush will totally help cuz blending is key.

And so on to my new brush roll, yay! It has like a Velcro tape to fasten the belt and the end of the belt there's the word MAC which just makes it look so classy, I know I could just buy some random brush roll from a drugstore which would have saved a tonne of momney but I'm really in love with MAC so I just couldn't resist getting more from MAC.

And here's it before being filled with brushes.

Here's the inside, there's a zipped pocket on the right but the left is just a compartment with no zip. There's also a flap in the middle to cover the bristles of the brushes, all the better to protect my fragile babies.

And by the looks of this brush roll at MAC, I asked the guy what if I couldn't get all my brushes in and he was totally snotty saying it's more than enough (gosh, what is it with snobby MAC sales people!?) and I totally proved him wrong.

Look! My kabuki (#182) had no where to go and a bunch of my drugstore brushes had to settle for the pocket where they were hidden and soon to be forgotten. I don't think I can stick with just 1 brush roll once I get more face brushes cuz I definitely am gonna get more. *yawns I'm super tired right now from all the YT video watching, and no, I've not given up on my video-making, it's just postponed, a lot, but it'll come along.

And finally, here's it rolled up with all my babies inside(well not all technically) and thanks for reading, my next post will be on this super dramatic lime green, purple look so stay tuned and leave me some pretty comments! Happy Tuesdays everyone!

PS: And just when I'm getting the hang of this new editor, I can't seem to make the last paragraph stay below the pic. Sorry! Fixed it! =3


3 people say ❤...:

Tamara said...

The blue wings look great on you!

Kym said...

the blue contacts look great on you!!! and that luggage tag.. genious! i need one of those! haha! have fun on your trip! shop and eat lots!! ;P

xSplendidStar said...

Awww you look great! I think blue lenses really suit you! I could never wear blue >_<

Wow another MAC purchase? WOO you go girl! LOL I think I may buy my first MAC item this Christmas, yeah just wait for BOXING DAY! Woohoo! Hehe