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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Geo Honey Wing Lenses

GEO Angel Brown is my first pair of brown lenses. I was a  bit worried cuz I've seen some brown lenses make eyes look yellow and serpent-y but this one's alright.

Lens: GEO Honey Wing 3tone (yearly disposable)
Price: RM 25 for a pair (approx 5 USD)
Colour Choices: Blue, Grey, Brown, Purple.
Store of
Comfort: 3/5 - It is comfortable for about 3 hours under air-conditioning and 6 hours if I avoid air-conditioning. After the hours stated, the lenses will sting(like mad) and once removed, my eyes sting even worse for like half a day. Haha, it's not as bad as it sounds, the stinging is mild but it's annoying..
Natural-ness: 4/5 - The black outer ring is just dark enough for definition without being overly fake. However, up close(or very close) it may look weird but that applies for most coloured lenses. Under sunlight, I look like I have dark hazel eyes.
Big eye effect: Slightly. Not much if compared with GEO Angel Series which is why it's natural-looking.
Repurchase: Yes. But I'm gonna try more before I buy another one of these.

**EDIT: If you feel like the lens is irritating your eye, typically it's cuz the lens is inside-out. So just flip it the right way out and pop it back in and it should be fine. I find it really hard to tell which side is in and which side should be out cuz it looks the same inside or out.

I'm quite happy with this brown but somehow I prefer to be black-hair, blue-eyed.. Hehe.
Thanks for reading! =3
PS: If the pictures appear wonky or are flying all over this post, it's cuz blogger has a new posting format and it's driving me NUTS!!!!!

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