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Saturday, December 12, 2009

MAC Buys in KL

Being in KL=Shopping! So here's another MAC visit. The lovely MA even offered to wrap the stuff up. And it looks so professionally done. Love it to death. Didn't want to tear it up for this post but couldn't resist my new lipsticks!

I bought:
~MAC Fix+
~MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks in Creme Cup, Creme D' Nude and Ravishing
~MAC Eyelash #40

MAC Fix+ (RM68)  approx USD 11
This is basically a spray with caffeine as one of the many ingredients to energize the skin while making makeup stay put. Spray once before makeup and once after holding the spray 12 inches away from the face to get makeup to stay for  one whole day! 
I think this is seriously cheap but you never know, it could just be tap water. jking.

MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks in Creme Cup, Creme D' Nude and Ravishing (RM 63each) approx USD 10
I've been looking for these shades back in Penang but the MAC store (or should I say outlet, it's not an independent store) didn't carry these shades. Had to grab'em the moment I saw'em. All are cremesheens which is pigmented but still moisturizing at the same time, amplified and mattes are (very) pigmented but are too drying to the lips so cremesheens are in-betweens.

 Swatches below: L-R

Creme Cup: A rosy pink, more pigmented than Angel or Way To Love but just as moisturizing.
Creme D' Nude: It's just skin nude. It blends almost seemlessly into my NC30 skintone.
Ravishing: It's orange, like really orange but not neon bright.

MAC Eyelash #40 (RM 45) approx. USD9
My favourite lower lashes. It's natural but still subtly noticeable. Best to create big, bright, dolly eyes. I usually snip it in half or 3/4 and stick it on my outer corners of my lower lashline.

Me and X at my aunt's new shop ICEdressme at Midvalley. I'll remember to get some pics the next time, do check it out if you're in KL. It offers a wide range of evening, cocktail and prom dresses. The best part is almost every dress is unique, meaning you can't find another one anywhere else.

And here's me on my 2nd day of KL and on the way to the airport back to Penang after 3 nights of sleeplessness. I think this qualifies as my forgotten Halloween look.

Let's play guess the swatches, all are from MAC. No prizes if you get it correct. Or maybe...


5 people say ❤...:

Zoe said...

Wow..great stuff u got from MAC,I love everything about MAC, u and ur friend look extremely pretty in that pictures.

My guesses ...hmm..I know that I might be wrong but I see some similarities to Melrose mood, guilty kiss,cosmo,(Amplified)= Pink Packed,(Luster) = Eager...ha ha ha..I am not that good though^^;

I l ove ur new layout with ur pictures on cute~
Have a great weekend...

oOchaOo said...

lovely haul! i think is mac cheaper there than here in the Philippines :(

oh my thats a lot of swatches to guess! heehee

xSplendidStar said...

Woah that superbly packaged! I wouldn't want to open it either. Think I would have to snap 100+ photos before I could even consider to open it! LOOOOOOOOL

That's so many swatchessssssssss hehe. I don't even know names so I wouldn't stand a chance XD


Blair said...

nice haul aly!!! everything looks fab!!! oh dear, your cremesheens look mouth watering!

*aly said...

@Zoe: Hey, Thanks!! No you didn't get anything correct but thanks for trying!! =3 Thanks again. You're super sweet!

@oOchaOo: Yea, I think so too but it's probably even cheaper in the US..

@xSplendidStar: Haha, thanks.

@Blair: Thank you Blair dearie! The cremesheens are screaming my name too! =3