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Saturday, December 12, 2009

MAC Impassioned Lipstick + Phiff! Dazzleglass

Had e/s block during my KL on Wednesday so I did a bold lip instead. Here's MAC Impassioned (swatches here) and MAC Phiff! Dazzleglass(swatches here). Currently having a mild fever and cold. *Huh-chooo!! Sorry, I stayed up 3 nights so I kinda asked for it. Anyways, this is just an update about everything and I'm gonna start my 12 days of Christmas Makeup which will count down to Christmas so it starts on Monday (when my exams are officially over) and I'll be posting up 12 diff makeup looks and tutorials here and on youtube!

The 2nd pic is just a lip swatch of MAC Impassioned Lipstick alone. It's really loud in real life but somehow  my camera mutes the colour. Under flash it's like an off-red, hot pink shade but sometimes it just looks like a dark hot pink. Lovin' it so far.

I'm gonna post my MAC haul (yet again) in the next post. Is anyone else having a hard time with the new editor? I just can't get the things to move into the right places. LOL.

And I end this post with candid pics of Gigi!


Why is it so bright?!?!

Dead fish??

Oh and who likes the new layout?!?! =3 Thanks for viewing!

7 people say ❤...:

Jiahui~ said...

i love ur blog's new background. question is... who did the photo taking? =)

*aly said...

Really? You like it? Cuzzie. durh. Unless I have 3 hands or something(kinda wished I did, then I'd have this layout sooner) ;D

xSplendidStar said...

That colour looks so flattering on you! Wish I could wear something like that but I hardly ever wear lip stuff let alone lipsticks >_< maybe I should start hehe XD

Love your new layout too! Looks so cheerful :) xxxxxxxxxx

Jiahui~ said...

oh.. okay... i replied the msg u left on my cbox before i checked out this place. forgive me for being 'repetitive' (?). haha... anyway, see u on Monday.
AND, i thought u said that i can link u on my site soon. so what's with the anonymous thing thing?

Marce said...

How cute is your dog! I love the lippie on you, and the blog layout is fantastic, to say the least. I absolutely adore it. Puts mine to shame, LOL!

*aly said...

@xSplendidStar: I never used too but I was inspired cuz I saw a girl who had like the HUGEST lipstick collection. I was totally jealous so I set out to get some and now I'm just so addicted..!! Thanks!

@Jiahui~: Lol.

@Marce: Thank you! Oh no, your blog's great, at least you have good posts?

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