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Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Room, New House

So from my previous new house post, here's an update on my room. I have glass windows and flooring now. Lighting, doors, toilets and wardrobe and I'll be moving in. Hopefully we get wireless then I could blog more often.. =3 So sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures! I've used north, south, east and west to illustrate the room.

The view outside my main windows(east), isn't it breathtaking? Well I think it is. The view of mountains and houses just to remind me of where I'm at.

A few steps back from the previous picture and this is what the east side of my room looks like. The door to the right on the pic leads to the toilet.

And this is the west side of my room where my bed will be.

On the right side of the previous pic is the door and next to the door is this little corner. I'm thinking of putting my wardrobe here but it's kinda small.

The MOST beautiful part of the whole 3-storey house is the stairwell. It's has a full 3-storey length window which I just can't get over.

The hot afternoon was just beautiful through these windows.

I hope you can picture the room, I'm really bad at describing. I can't wait to move in. Thanks for reading as always.
PS: I'm gonna YouTube sooon! And a year-end giveaway. Hmm, still shopping for prizes.

5 people say ❤...:

lilluna5416 said...

what a great view! and omg!! i looove the staircase!

*aly said...

Me too!!!

xSplendidStar said...

OMGGGGGGGGGG! Your new house looks amazing!!!!!!! What a beautiful view! and I too love the staircase! Looks like a mansion XD

Hope you been well :) Missed you!


Kasia_B said...

OMG!! it looks great!! can i move in????? please please!! lol

Can't wait to see it done and decorated with your make-up counter ;)

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