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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Relaxing Stay at Rasa Sayang Resort *very pic heavy

Day 1:

Both pics are of the view from the balcony, isn't it so beautiful?

On the way out to dinner, on foot.

Italian obviously, from my post a very long time ago, you'll know that I do NOT fancy Italian food. It's just so cheesy that it's tasteless. (Sorry to the Italian food fans!)

A beautiful restaurant but it was empty when we went cuz it was drizzling outside and the thing about people living in Penang is their laziness to eat out or even go out when it's raining.

Refreshing OJ. I do suspect that they added sugar to this one. =(

Bruschetta. The only thing Italian I'm in love with.

Magarita Pizza or Pizza Magarita? Anyways, this is the cheesy disaster that ruined my liking for anything Italian. The first bite is delicious but as you go on, it kinda gets boring.

On the way back, on foot.

At the hallway some part in the huge resort. That red thing looks really suspicious. It had a hole in it but there was nothing inside. I think it's for decorative purposes?

A beautiful display(probably used in the mornings) of teacups.

Christmas tree #1. Look at the prezzies! So tempted to...

Comfy cushions. The resort is themed woody.

Love the chandeliers.

Guess what this is? It's not a crystal ball. It's a thing used mostly for plants. It's actually like a speck of sand but when you soak it in water, it evolves into a squishy ball to supply water to plants. I love these things, I found it in one of the plant pots.

I love the colour combination for the cushions. Red and orange. Wonder what it looks like on the eyes.

Weird boat looking thing. Someone suspected that each stick-like thingy represents an element. No idea how that came up.

Even the wet floor sign is wooden.

Birds of paradise.

Weeping willows?

A pretty shot of one of the MANY swimming pools at the resort.

Relaxing pool-side chairs. Shaded with a roof made out of dried leaves?

A replica of the resort's building roof in the form of a lamp. So cute!

Weeping willows #2. With cool lighting.

Swimming pool #2.

Cool bean-shaped chair. So adorable.

Weird wall decoration in the shape of beetles? Reminds me of The Mummy Returns. Eek.

Christmas tree #2.

More comfy cushions. These are really comfortable cuz the cushion is really thick. You literally sink into the seat.

Christmas-y plant?

Went to bed after that.

Day 2: In the room toilet.

THINNER weighing machine?

Cotton pads? Do they really supply those in hotel rooms?

Hair bands?!?!?! Seriously, this is just weird!!

And branded soap? I really feel 5-star!

The view at 6pm out the balcony.

An FOTD: Was going for retro glam but I didn't have much time.

Oh and that was Ravishing Lipstick from MAC. Top off with MAC Dazzleglass in Soft Dazzle.

That is Hard Rock Hotel, a hotel I really wanna stay in, it's really modern and has a very hollwyood feel to the place. We didn't go there but we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe before going home. More pics inside.

And I end this post with this rainbow caused by a leaky pipe. I call this a miracle.

PS: Rasa Sayang is a 5-star Resort.
PSS: Some sentences are underlined cuz I'm still having a hard time with the editor. X3


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xSplendidStar said...

Wow!!! That place is amazing! Just look at the beautiful interior designing and furniture! Oh how I wish to live like this XD hehe

Btw I just checked out your Babydoll look and you look so much like a doll! Totally gorgeous!!


Kasia_B said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Great pictures :)
I tagged you sweety!

*~kAy~* said...

So many pretty things! <3
you look really cute even though you were in a hurry! <3

oh and to answer your question you left on my post, I guess footbags are to kick around? :P i'm not quite sure myself since its for my sister :P she is much more of a sportier type than me :P