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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tag: Beauty Facts

I was tagged by the ever lovely, Kasia, who has a new theme for her blog which I forgot to mention how girly it looked now, anyways, on to the tag, I wasn't sure exactly what to write about but I'm just gonna talk about some recent revelations I've made from all my You tube Video watching (cuz I'm still struggling) and I hope you enjoy this!

1. Drink lots of water.

I do think I'm the wrong person to say this as I hate drinking plain water and people always go, bla bla bla drink water it's good for you and stuff like that but I have really bad skin like I'd break out all the time and it's frustrating and from some YT videos I've learnt that drinking water purges toxins and if you don't drink enough, obviously the toxins will come out from somewhere and the easiest way would be from the pores on your face so drinking water is very important!

2. Sun Protection.

I started using sun protection for my face since a young age not because I like putting a load of gunk on my face (in fact I hate that) but because if you notice older women tend to have these spots on their faces and their arms and that's irreversible so if you don't want to look like that then you've gotta have a layer of sunblock or anything to protect your face. I like using the Biore Perfect Face Milk SPF50+++ cuz it's not greasy, it's dries like a powdery matte so my skin feels light.

3. Moisturize Day and Night.

Before this, like I said, my skin was just oily all the time and it broke out everywhere partly because I didn't moisturize it. You'd think that oily skin doesn't need anymore moisture but the fact is there's a big difference between moisture and oil. The less you moisturize, the more oil is produced by the skin to replace that, except too much of this oil will just clog up the pores so it's best to moisturize all the time so your skin doesn't over-produce oil. Now I rarely get oily, maybe slightly but it's manageable.

4. Eye cream as a highlighter.

A trick I've learnt recently is to use a little eye cream between the under eyes and the cheekbones so that area glistens which kinda makes the face look more highlighted and glowy.

5. Lip concealer for pigmented lips.

I have dark, pigmented lips so most lipsticks, especially sheer type ones don't really show up on me or they just turn an icky shade of purple so what I'd do is use a lip concealer or dab some foundation over my lips before lipstick or gloss so the color shows up better. A good lip concealer would be Lip Erase by MAC which was limited from the DSquared2 collection but it's a permanent at MAC Pro stores.

6. Highlight under brow bones.

I like to use Ricepaper by MAC cuz it's almost nude on me but slightly frostier. If you're an NC 25-30 like me then this is perfect or if you like matte shadows then Blanc Type is a good e/s also by MAC to try out. Even if I'm gonna leave the house without a shed of makeup (rarely nowadays), I'd still put on some highlight cuz I think it really makes a difference.

7. Bronzing powder for a good glow.

Tanning is bad for your skin but I do think that using a little bronzer around the right areas can give you the same glow from tanning minus the negative effects of tanning. I like using MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden to contour my cheekbones and under certain lights, it makes me look kinda tanned.

8. Fixing spray for lasting makeup.

Another recent revelation of mine is that by using a fixing spray such as the MAC Fix+ Spray or Evian Facial Mist, you can aboid having to touch up your makeup throughout the day and energize your skin as well to prepare your face for a long day.

9. Vaseline for everything.

I love Vaseline on my lips so they stay supple throughout the day. I religiously use it at night but not so much during the day. I think it's very multipurpose, you can use it basically anywhere to smoothen rough patches on your skin or just to moisturize.

10. Vitamiin E or acne and scars.

Another revelation of mine is that Vitamin E can spot treat pimples or scars so stock up on almonds cuz they have a high content of vitamin E or you can easily go to the pharmacy and get some pure vitamin E.

I hope this helps some of you and thank you Kasia for tagging me!

I tag Linh, AmyNaree, Tamara, Livia and anyone else who wants to do this. I'd love to read beauty facts from all you beauty bloggers out there so don't be shy ;)


5 people say ❤...:

Kym said...

i love vaseline but have never tried it on my lips! i think i might just do that.. esp since its winter here and my lips get chapped really easily! :( love your blog!

Princesa Livia said...

Great tips! I agree with everything.. :) Thank you for the tag xx ♥

amynaree said...

Hi Aly! great facts, I recently just started drinking lots of water too, sometimes I cheat and I get those flavored waters hehe

Great tips and facts I definitely should look into a lip concealer because my lips are really pigmented and most lip products don't show up :)

Kasia_B said...

I feel the same about water...ahhh...have to drink more of it :)

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