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Friday, January 8, 2010

How to make ❤Biscuit Sandwiches

Here's another way of making cute snacks(did I just say cute?) for Christmas or whatever occassion where you need some ASAP but you don't know how to bake those fancy cookies and stuff. I did this for Christmas because I was too busy to do anything elaborate so I hope this helps some of you.

Some of the things you need to make this work:

Chocolate chips

Hot water and a chopstick Use a skewer instead if you don't have a chopstick or a fork if you don't have a skewer. If you don't have a fork then I have nothing to say.

Crackers Or any biscuits you have at home, I do think circle-shaped biscuits look better with what I'm about to do.

Nutella Or any filling you like such as jams or just plain butter with honey(my fav combo).

This is super simple to do so keep reading!

1. I dip my chopstick in the hot water, take it out and drop a drop of hot water onto the back of my choc chip which should be on the flat side.

2. I carefully place the chip on my biscuit. I'm making a heart shape 

3. Keep going until the is complete.

4. Paint another piece of biscuit with Nutella.

5. Place the ❤ biscuit on top of it.

6. Serve.

If you wanna wrap it up and give it to someone, here's what to do:

Get some cling wrap.

Remember to let the choc chips dry first cuz if it's not, they're gonna go wild in the cling wrap. Lol.
So put it face down and fold the edges neatly on the top which is actually the behind of the biscuit.

And ta-daa~

This step is optional but I found some cute containers and they fit exactly one biscuit sandwich each so I stored them in there so it's absolutely airtight.

The final product:

I made 3 cuz I have 3 naughty cousins to give'em to. Do try this out, it's super easy and it's a fail-proof way of making festive looking snacks.

Thanks for reading and my birthday/christmas posts are up next.

2 people say ❤...:

Kasia_B said...

Great! It looks like s'mors, just without marshmellow. :)

xSplendidStar said...

OMG THAT IS FABBB FABB FANTABULOUS!!!!! Gonna try this when I have spare biscuits at home! LOL my house is empty now, coz I ate everything during Christmas *sigh* piggie XD~