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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Little Visit Back to Not-So-Long-Ago

Anyone missed me?? Thanks guys for leaving all the sweet comments and messages here when I was away.
I'm not permanently back because A-Levels is tougher than I thought but I'm working super hard (maybe not super but I'm getting there)..
 Basically I've moved to a new room in homestay last summer and it's really nice. The walls are pink and lots of space for my stuff. Love the Neverfull, bought it last summer. It's the best bag I've ever had.

I'm loving UK. Although it's pricier here but it's still amazing, the people, the shopping, the food?!?! =)

My super duper adorable bf. He insists he's not. Someone tell him for me!  

I miss you!(you know who you are ;) )
Try my best to update soon and check on all the wonderful posts from others whom I have missed. =)


10 people say ❤...:

Mary in Wonder said...

Good luck with your studies! (level-A refers to some studies, right? I neglected your blog >.< Not like I was a big commenter, just a silent observer LOL)

BTW, I love your necklace! It's very pretty! =)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look gorgeous! :) I envy you, I wish I lived in the UK! It is my dream to go there :) Are you a university student there? :)

You have amazing skin!! :D

aly said...

Mary: yup, it's studies. glad to know u read. The necklace was the first gift from my bf when he was trying to "catch" me. LOL.

Rainy: I am currently applying for uni. Won't be in uni until after next summer. I love UK too, it's amazing here. Thanks, my skin was actually pretty bad before but it improved significantly after I got out of my teens. =)

Mary in Wonder said...

oh then he's a great guy! Tell him, he's adorable ;P

Zoe said...

Hello Aly, long time no see..U moved to UK?wow..that's great u should post more about ur life there..Love ur room as well as ur pictures as always..HAPPY HOLIDAYS hun^^.

Anonymous said...

You're boyfriend is adorable and so are you! Cute couple!

Loving your blog! I totally love Dior gloss! Are you studying abroad in London? That is so amazing -- but definitely expensive haha.

Well I just subscribed to you -- please check out my blog if you get a chance!

<3 Kelly

Aly said...

@Zoe: I know it's been ages.. Yes, and I'm loving it in UK. I will try to post stuff, just exams and all. Thanks!!

@Kelly: Thanks, I am studying in London. I will.

Lovera | Your Way to Radiant and Beautiful Skin said...

I love your blog. You and your Boyfriend are totally sweet :) keep it up :)

Michelle Elizabeth said...

I see some Vera Wang princess! good choice!

Wendy Ayche said...

Lovely girl!!
Much love,